Aside from the most common services such as television installation and surround sound installation, we also offer a wider variety of services for your convenience. These services are also covered under our lowest price guarantee, so if for any reason you were able to find them for a cheaper price, we would beat the competition price by at least 10% of the difference in pricing.

Remember that even though there may be other installation companies in New Jersey, you want to make sure that they are qualified for these types of installs and are fully insured to do so.

additional services

Our professionals can do it all!

Basic Component Setup

Our will allow you to save a lot of money with your installation, customizing it to your exact installation needs. This type of installation will be for the person looking to keep their television on a table top


Did the cable or phone company refuse to hide your wires in the wall? Are you sick of seeing that cable wire running along your floor and stapled over your doorway? HT Install can take care of those wires for you, hiding them inside your walls.

Security Camera Installation

For peace of mind and general security, you can view your home, family & pets from any remote location and record it too! Imagine the convenience of being able to record and control a camera from your smartphone, Ipad or personal computer!

Pre-Wiring Your Home/Office

It’s always best to pre-wire your home when possible as it offers the most customization of your home theater. Let us pre-wire your home and help you with the setup of your dreams!

Remote Programming

Why have 5 remotes when you can have one remote that controls everything! We can make sure that you never have to be confused again when it comes to which remote you need to use!

Wire Management

Is your current television setup overflowing with wires everywhere!? We can help by professionally organizing and labeling all of your wiring, giving a cleaner appearance.


Does your TV have picture but no sound? Does your Blu Ray player not respond to your remote commands? Let us get to the bottom of it for you so you can relax and kick back to watch TV the right way.