HT Install NJ offers complete wire concealment in solid stone, brick and concrete over your fireplace. This process is unique to our company and something that we have perfected over the years. We can proudly say we are the only full service TV Installation company in NJ that can achieve this process from start to finish in house without subcontracting out any of the work. What that means for you is that you deal with one company from start to finish that is knowledgeable across the board.


All surfaces and stone are different, however the end result is always the same –  no exposed wires and customers who are thrilled with the resultx!  As no two fireplaces are alike, we like to see the site in person or at minimum through a picture via text/email to get you accurate pricing. All custom stonework is charged per linear foot and is determined by the amount of surface area showing after the television has been mounted. Our process is very methodical and planned out ahead of the install. 



We initially put up a plastic enclosure around the installation area to contain all stone dust from entering the customers homes. Once we mark out the past of least resistance, we then begin to remove the mortar until it is deep enough to conceal all wiring that is needed to go from components to television. We then match the color to the original mortar and reapply over the buried wiring to conceal all wiring as if we never touched the fireplace. 



Our enclosure keeps in all the stone dust!